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In this post, we are going to review and compare the industry's 2 best A.I writing tools- Jasper vs Scalenut. And will find out which one is really the best ...

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  1. Scalenut’s UX/UI is clean, modern and easy to use. I have tested a few other AI content writing, Scalenut is the best one so far. With report and NLP just make it perfect for clients and writers.

    It most suitable for SMBs and SMEs Online Businesses Startups Content Creators Marketing Team SEO Team Freelancers Agencies Solopreneurs

  2. WriteCream is highly focused on personalised content, just enter the URL of the site/LinkedIn and it generates many good outreach contents.

  3. Jarvis ai helps in creating high coversion web content, ads copy, social media posts and most important it’s vey easy to use.

  4. UpContent lets you set automated rules to instantly approve articles from topics that match your pre-approved sources, or the ones most relevant, shareable, or influential for your topic.

  5. Scalify is really helpful in Ads management and Optimization. Specially it’s automation and pre-built system to give higher results.

  6. Although Adtuo is an A.i powered ad management tool, but it’s a.i only limited to reporting, copy generation and recommendation. There’s no advanced analytics or split testing.
    No A.i for audience finding or targeting.
    Plus, personally, I think it’s lifetime price is overpriced. Competitor’s like scalify and Adyouneed much better options available.

  7. Adyouneed’s A.i audience finder is pretty much a life-saving feature, which saves a ton of hours researching high targeting audience. And offers a multichannel ad integration with Facebook/Instagram, Google ads, Linkedin ads, Tiktok and now Bing ads list in too.
    From this single tool, users can run, optimize and automate their whole online ads even they are a beginner.
    But there is no automation for campaign, Although A.i provides optimization recommendations.
    May in future, we can also see automation ad their creators really implement what users want.

  8. Believe it’s more than 1 month since I’m using Rytr free version with 5000 words limit and really shocked after it’s generated content quality, I decided to purchase the Rytr life deal.

    You can also start with it’s free version and if you are impressed then without a thought go for lifetime deal.

  9. SimilarContent Pro is really a gem for content writers, plus it’s keyword suggestion show all keywords that competitors are using and requires to get higher rankings in search engines.
    With this tool, you also get information about content insights and backlink metrics to win the SEO game.

  10. With the Surfer SEO, you can see the areas that you can focus on improving your articles and optimize your articles against the top-ranking articles on Google.

  11. once you’ve written the content, This SEO Tool helps take it to the next level with AI-powered assistant and content optimization. The built-in editor identifies topic gaps, as well as other opportunities for improvement.

    Frase tells you where you need to focus your content, so you can google 1st page rankings in a short tim.

  12. Although writerzen offer fewer words count for a.i writing, it’s other module features fill the gap like keyword explorer which fetch keywords insight and stat from Ahrefs.
    Which makes it really impressive.
    Another one is topic discovery, which makes content research & competitor analysis an easy play.

  13. Adscook lets you manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns. You can customize the tools according to your needs. Monitoring tools help you stay informed about how your campaign is performing.
    Pre-set automation helps you to save money and give you best results

  14. Best funnel building solution for wordpress with drag n drop feature.

  15. I rated this tool 9 out 0f 10, because of it’s SERP feature combining A.i writer.
    While analyzing your competitors you can generate better content with it’s a.i

  16. This is the best video tool, I have ever used in my life.
    Not only does it save my hours of time but only make my videos ready for every social media format. No matter it’s reels, facebook-square video or horizontal.
    It’s a.i automatically add subtitles to make my videos more applicable to viewers.
    You must definitely test it out.

  17. This tool works like charm, but it’s expensive pricing did not justify the value you are getting in that expensive monthly plan. Despite this, I suggest going for other tools That I described in the conclusion section of this post.

  18. SEMrush is truly the 1 tool that you need for your SEO and Marketing work to stay on top of your competition.

  19. Without a doubt, Radaar is a revolutionary social media tool with lots of built-in tools that are completely free within the tool, one of my favourites Url shortener and Hashtag manager.

  20. Good tool for Produce fresh, engaging copy with the help of templates drawn from top-performing posts across social media

  21. Until now Dukaan helped millions of offline stores to come online with their easy-to-use platform, no matter which category you belong to or which country you live. You can create your 1st e-com store in just few steps within few minutes.

    That’s the power of the Dukaan platform.

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