Buzzy Review (Lifetime Deal) – Create Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma Designs!

Searching for a tool or online platform which can turn your Figma designs into real working apps and websites then this Buzzy review is must read for you.

And the best part you don’t have to any coding for this.

This online software/tool is so amazing that even Figma itself suggesting it and recently Buzzy lifetime deal introduced.

In this detailed review of Buzzy, I’ll tell you everything about this saas tool. What is it, features, benefits and how you can use buzzy to create working apps and websites straight from figma designs without coding.

In the end, We will also talk about it’s lifetime deal.

So without wasting anymore time, let’s move into the review.

Buzzy review by Saas Guru

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Buzzy is grate online tool for turning your figma designs into live working apps, websites and web applications without any coding.
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What is Buzzy?

Buzzy is a revolutionary tool, which integrate with Figma to turn your designs into real apps & websites without doing any coding.

Buzzy Review (Lifetime Deal) - Create Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma Designs!

All you have to just design your app or websiten in figma platform and use Buzzy plugin to turn this design into working app by using the functionality, data, and behaviors you defined in Figma.

Buzzy Review Video

Here’s my detailed review video of buzzy platform with live app creation demo and tutorial, make to subscribe our channel for stay updated to new saas tools updates & alerts.

How Does Buzzy Work?

Buzzy working is really simple, there is no complexion in using this tool.

First you should have a Buzzy platform account.

After that go to your figma app design, just right click and head over go to plugin.

Buzzy Review (Lifetime Deal) - Create Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma Designs!

Here you can see buzzy plugin in recents.

Please Note: On the first time, you have to click on ‘Fing more plugins’ and search buzzy.

Make sure, before using buzzy to turn you design into real working app, you have maked all the pages and fuctions the way it would be working.

Just click on buzzy plugin.

Buzzy Review (Lifetime Deal) - Create Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma Designs!

Now a promt will open something like in above image, showing all the elements.

Here you can also validate all the things from design such as screens, components,, fields, actions.

And once everything seems good, click on publish button.

Voila, buzzy will turn you design into live working app without doing any coding.

I suggest you to watch my review video for better understanding for all steps.

Buzzy Pricing – Is there really any Lifetime Plan?

Normally to use buzzy features along with figma, users need a premium subscription of Buzzy pro.

Which pricing is $50/mon ($510/year) for,

  • Create unlimited apps/sites
  • App access for 5 external users
  • Publish directly from Figma to working site/app

This seems preety much expensive, isn’t it!

Don’t worry because luckily there is also a Buzzy lifetime deal available on Pitchground & Appsumo for the same pricing plan above mentioned.

Buzzy Review (Lifetime Deal) - Create Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma Designs!

Lifetime deal pricing starts from $49/one time payment, and there are also other palns which gives more features and access, briefly descriped in below buzzy pricing table.

Plan APlan BPlan C
Apps/Sites CreationUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Admin Users1215
External Users (Guests)52515
Buzzy Pro FeaturesYesYesYes

The present lifetime deal pricing and plans is pretty cheap and affordable and the best part compared to monthly payments we just have to pay once and lifetime access will be provided.

In most simple words pay one time and use buzzy for lifetime.

Refund Policy

And guess what there’s also 60 days money-back guarantee for every plan, which means if somehow you are not happy with Buzzy (which is not going to happen), you can return it within 60 days of purchase and full money will be back without asking any question.

So why are you hesitating! Try Buzzy risk-Free!

Needs Attention: Most deals are out of stock within few weeks of coming to a lifetime deal offer. So take it now if you need it or don’t want to miss it.

Integrations Available for Buzzy

There are tons of integrations and support available for buzzy to give extra functionalities to your app such as,

  • Google maps/Open Street maps – Add maps in your app
  • Stripe – Accept payments via Stripe
  • Buzzy rules – call external REST APIs
  • Buzzy REST API – allows external applications to call in (which can also fire Buzzy rules)
  • Custom (HTML) components – add your own custom code that can interact with Buzzy data using handlebars or js
  • Buzzy importer – integration with Google Sheets, CSV files and REST APIs for importing data
  • SSO – with various authentication systems like Google and Microsoft.

Benefits of Using Buzzy

  • This tool saves a lot money from developing apps and websites
  • Converts figma designs into live working apps and websites
  • No coding requires
  • Buzzy lets you create both IOS and Android native apps with coding
  • You can always change your designs and update apps.
  • This tool really easy to use.
  • Very affordable as there’s also a lifetime plan available.


Overall, I must say Buzzy really built a revolutionary technology which just removed a lot headache, efforts, time and outsource development money.

Within few click you can just convert your designs into real working apps with functions defined.

Plus we can always update apps by updating the design in figma. This again saves tons of money from paying developers.

And to add sweetness in this, there’s also Buzzy lifetime plans available which gives lifetime access to this tool with just one-time payment coming with 60 days money back gurtantee.

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FAQ: Most asked questions

What is Buzzy?

Buzzy is figma plugin/integration, which lets you create live working apps, websites and web applications straight from figma designs without any coding.

Do I need a Buzzy plan to use?

Yes, Buzzy pro plan required to use all features and publish your design into app. Otherwise you can only view the app.
Luckly there’s a lifetime deal which gives pro plan for lifetime.

Can we build Native Apps for IOS and Android using Buzzy?

Yes, you can create fully functional IOS and Anroid native apps out of your designs without writing a single line of code.

Can we import our own App code in buzzy?

To some extent, using buzzy api and Rest api you can. And there’s custom HLML and Javascript suppot available.

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