MasterStudy LMS Vs LearnPress – Which LMS Plugin Should You Choose?

masterstudy lms vs learnpress comparison

MasterStudy LMS vs Learnpress

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - Which LMS Plugin Should You Choose?

Looking for Best LMS Plugin for wordpress,

Here’s my detailed comparison between Learnpress vs MasterStudy Lms to find out which one is Best WordPress LMS Plugin for creating and selling online courses on wordpress.

As an online expert, teacher, trainer, coach or instructor, Mastertudy and Learnspress are 2 best lms plugins you can consider using for creating and selling online course for your business.

But which one you should you choose?

Reading this comparison will help you to find out!

Here I have compared their,

  • Features
  • UI (user interface) & Ease of use
  • Course builder
  • Add ons and integrations
  • Support & Documentation
  • Pricing & Lifetime Plans (if available)

So let’s start the comaprison.

Quick Comparison

MasterStudy Lms Vs Learnpress

FeaturesMasterStudy LmsLearnpress
Course Builder✅ Front end + Back end✅ Front end + Back end
Personlized Dashboard– Teachers
– Students
– Teachers
– Students
Multi Instructor
Add-ons & Integrations
Udemy Importer
Certificate Builder
Drip Content
Zoom Integration
Live Streaming– Youtube integration
– Zoom
– Zoom
– Google meet
Mobile App
Form Builder
Gradebook & Points system
Discussion Panel (Live chat)
Email Manager
Multi Language
Multi Payment Modules
Free Stater Theme
Documentation– Articles
– Videos
– Articles
Pricing/Lifetime -1 site: $69
-25 sites: $138
-100 sites: $207
-1 site: $299.40
-10 sites: $539.40
-50 sites: $1139.4
VisitGet MasterStudyGet Learnpress

Deatiled Comparison – What’s the Difference

MasterStudy Lms Vs Learnpress

📌 Overview – MasterStudy Lms vs LearnPress

MasterStudy LMS

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - Which LMS Plugin Should You Choose?

MasterStudy LMS wordpress plugin is a complete solution to turn your wordpress site into a online teaching portal.

Developed by stylemixthemes, this LMS plugin has all the features from creating to selling your online courses.

Using MasterStudy front course builder, you can create courses, lessons, quiz, contests, assinments and even live classes.

It also offers a flutter mobile app version for android and IOS. And whatever changes you will on website, automatically sync to the app.

There are tons of premium add ons come with MasterStudy like Student managemnt, multiple payment methods, front course builder etc.

Here’s my deatiled MasterStudy LMS Review Video,


Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - Which LMS Plugin Should You Choose?

Learnpress is also a very good wordress bases learning management system coming with all essiential features and good looking course designs.

Developed by Thimpress, it’s one of the most downloaded LMS plugin for wordpress with active installations more than 266,600.

And the reason behind that massive installations because they offer their LMS plugin for free. All you have to pay for add ons which you will want to use.

Like MasterStudy , they also offer front end course builder, app version, drip content as add on. But again by ou have to pay for use them.


MasterStudy lms and Learnpress both have all most similiar features and add-ons. But the main difference I have seen,

Learnpress offer it’s learning management plugin for free but to use it’s add-ons and features you need to buy them as bundle or seperatly. it’s subscription cost $299/year Just for single site liecense for all features.

While MasterStudy also offer a free plugin plan but very limited features, And the best part all the add-ons come under it’s premium plan. No need to buy them seperatly.

MasterStudy also has lifetime deal going on with all premium add-on starting from $69/lifetime for 5 sites liencese.

📌 Features – MasterStudy Lms vs Learnpress

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - features comparison
Front end course builder Fornt-end course builder with a drag and drop features
You can create course lessons, quizzes and assignmentsCreate courses, advance quiz, lessons, assignments
Personalized dashboard for teachers and studentsDifferent personalized dashboard for insturctors and students
Quiz builder – create quizzes User management – review students performance and manage their activites
Courses are mobile responsive to give unified experience to students.Assign Co-instructors for courses (add multiple teachers )
Translae courses in any language with the help of WPLMPoint based system to motivate students
Drip content course feed Drip content – unlock lessons with students progress or start date
Create cutom cetificatesCertificate builder – give custom certificates to your students
Advance analytic reports to track your course selling and students performanceBuilt in discussion for directly chat with students, and announcements
Notification alertsEmail notifications
Grading point system Multi payment model- choose any type one-time subscription, pricing plans, memberships and course bundle
Built in affiliate program for earning commionsionsMutli payment menthod- supports paypal, stripe, wire tranfer and offline direct payments
Built in email builder with predesigned email tempaltesEmail builder with pre built email templates
Mobile app version connectivitySupport multi language and auto translation
Multi instuctor adding in one courseIntegrate with google classroom & youtube for live classes, zoom for webinars
Support multiple payment methodsAndroid and IOS app available
Create community section for students with BuddypressUpload any type of content- text, video, pdf or any other type.
Support all popular page builders Works with all popular page builders – Elementor, Wpbakery, Divi, and even Gutenberg
Many integrations and add-ons availableBuilt in affiliate dashboard for students to earn while learning
Tutorial documentations availableTons of premium add-ons available
Live classes with zoom & Google meetDetailed documentation and video tutorials available for easily set up different things using MasterStudy plugin


Both LMS plugins have all important features. But in some points MasterStudy has advantage over Learnpress.

First, there is no built-in live chat or discussion section for students (asking or chat with other teacher or othe students) in Leanrpress, although BBpress & Buddypress integration available but this requires extra plugin installation. Resulting making site load sloweer.

Along with zoom MasterStudy also offer Youtube integration, using that users can conduct live classes with youtube. Learnpress don’t have suct youtube integration feature.

If you have already courses uploaded on Udemy, then you can use MasterStudy udemy importer add-on and import from udemy without any data loss. (Not available in Learnpress).

Most important thing I found missing in learnpress is that no good email management.

Winner: MasterStudy LMS

📌 UI & Ease of use – Learnpress vs MasterStudy Lms

Learnpress – User Interface

Learnpress highly depend on wordpress & using theme. So overall u.i you are going to use, will be already familiar.

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - learnpress revie

It integrate with any page builder so the Front course builder usage will be easy.

Learnpress app connect with website REST API, and that’s user interface also good.

MasterStudy LMS – User Interface

MasterStudy has it’s own u.i system and editing panel with unified color panel and page layout management. So chaging course page layout design and color is really easy and give better user experince to overall website.

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - masterstudy lms ui

Along with back end builder, plugin also offer frontend course builder with drag and drop builder.

This also gives a better visual experience while creating the course and adding information.

Mobile app verison can easily launched for Andorid and IOS and sync with website. All the changes you do with website automatically apply to app.

App user interface also feels good .

Winner: MasterStudy , it has better control over courses design, layout and colors.

📌 Course Builder – MasterStudy Lms vs Learnpress

MasterStudy LMS Course Builder

learnpress course builder

For course uploading and editing, MasterStudy offer fornt end and back end course builder.

Front end course builder offer better and easy visual experince for uploading course lessons and details without needed to enter in wordpress back end.

It feels like you are editiong your course live.

All you have to enter asked details one by one like course title, category, files etc. This lets you create courses without any coding or tecanical knowledge.

And all the changes you will do using front end builder or back end, automatically applied to app. That’s the best part I like most.

Learnpress Course Builder

Masterstudy LMS vs Tutor LMS

Like MasterStudy , Learnpress also has backend + frontend course editor. Here it asks for all course details such as title, description, files etc.

Learnpress frontend editior provide a clean user interface, using that is really easy comapred to backend course editior.

For adding lessons and quizzes, different sections available on the left side menu.


MasterStudy lms front end course builder better and gives more visual editing experience compared Leanpress. You don’t have to switch tabs to add courses and lessons.

On MasterStudy , it feels like we are editing live course over a pre-built course (template).

Winner: MasterStudy

📌 Add Ons & Integrations – MasterStudy Lms vs Learnpress

Learnpress Add-onsMasterStudy Lms Add-ons
Woocommerce add-on– Make learnpress compatible with woocommerceStatistics and payouts– Built analytics reports and payment structures as you need
Frontend course editior– Enables frontend couse buildingUdemy Importer– Imported already created courses directly from udemy
Certificate builder– create custom certificatesPrerequisites– Unlock course’s next lesson on completion previous lessons.
Gradebook– Monitor students performanceOnline Testing– Conduct online test and exams
Payment Add-ons- Add stripe, 2checkout, payment gatewaysTrial courses– Give student trail demo of courses
Multi Instructor– Add multiple teachersDrip Content– Denied course access until start date or course process (schedule)
BuddyPress– Create community for students integrating buddypress pluginCo-instructors– Add multip[le teachers to a course
Content DripSchedule course lessons, quizzesPoint System– Boost motivation of students by giving points and awards
Google Classroom– Integrate with G classroom and imports lessonsAssignments– Built in assignment writing section

Paid Memberships Pro– Crate membership based courses
Gradebook– Track students perfomance with a gradebook
Sorting choice– Multi choice questionsLive Streaming– Do live classes with Youtube without leaving the platform
H5P Plugin– Link questions from H5P plugin to learnpressGroup Courses– Let you sell courses to a group or team
Colloection– Bundle or group coursesEmail Manager– create good looking emails with pre designed templates
MyCred– Loyalty and reward programCourse Bundles– Sell courses in bundle
Students list– Manage and controll students sign-up dataGoogle Classrooms– Import as well as conduct live classes
Announcements– Send announcements, upadte and alertsZoom Conference– Integrate with zoom for confrences, live classes, and webinars
Quizzes & Assignments– for adding them in courseSCORM– Pre built e-learn courses templates
Coming Soon– Show courses coming in future with launch dateCertificates– Create course certificates from pre-designed templates
Commission– For built in affiliate programLMS Forms Editor– A user friendly form editior for courses

File Upload Manager– Upload and manage any kind of file

Here, MasterStudy offer much more and better add-ons compared to Learnpress.

Infact many things missing in Learnpress like advance email manager, prerequisities, online test coucting, or course importer.

And worst part, some of the add-on for learnpress require plugin install.

📌 Support & Documentation – MasterStudy Lms vs Learnpress

Email SupporyEmail support
Chat SupportChat Support
Documentation articles (text based) for platform tutorialsDocumentation article based tutorials for learning about platform & how to use different features
MasterStudy lms also offer video tutorials for documentation


Both lms platform offer good support via chat and email and has documentation section about a tutorials and learning abouth different features activity.

But while Learnpress has only text based tutorials, MasterStudy also offer video based tutorials along with articles.

And video are fas better comapred to text information when it comes to tutorials. Beacause it show step by step process and save lots of time.

Winner: MasterStudy LMS documentation is better here

📌 Pricing & Lifetime Time Plans – MasterStudy Lms vs Learnpress

Learnpress Pricing – is there any lifetime plan?

First of all Learnpress don’t offer any lifetime plan at all.

Although it’s plugin is free but using all 28 add-ons you have buy them in bundle or seperatly. This cost $299/year for 1 site.

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - learnpress add-on bundle

Is Learnpress Free?

Yes, Learnpress plugin installation is free but using all features you have pay for add-ons.

MasterStudy LMS Pricing – is there any lifetime plan?

Yes, MasterStudy Lms llifetime deal available on appsumo and compared to it’s official website appsumo MasterStudy lifetime deal much more affoardable.

For example,

On official site, only 1 website lifetime plan cost $149. while on appsumo you have to pay just $69/lifetime for 5 sites license.

And where official site offer just 14 days money back period, appsumo offer 60 days money back gurtantee without asking any questions.

Masterstudy LMS Vs LearnPress - masterstudy lms lifetime deal
MasterStudy lms lifetime deal by appsumo

MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deals on Appsumo:

Single $69Double $138Multiple $207
Site license525100
Lifetime Updates
MasterStudy App

Every lifetime deal on appsumo comes with 60m days money back gurtantee, if somehoe you are not happy just return within 60 days and your money will be backed 100% without asking any questions.

You can even save 10% extra on these pricing, here’s how

Steps to Get Extra %10 Discount For New Users?

  • 1. Click here go to lifetime deal page
  • 2. Wait for few seconds, until a discount pop up appears
  • 3. Enter your Email address
  • 4. Check your inbox, you will get an extra 10% discount coupon (make sure to check promotion folder)
  • 5. Discount valid for Appsumo new users only.

Is there any MasterStudy Lms free plan:

MasterStudy also offer a free plan with very limited features and there’s also free teaching theme available with every plugin license.


MasterStudy lms lifetime plan pricing much more afforadble and even has 60 days money back period compared to Learnpress.

Winner: Learnpress

Final Verdict:

Learnpress vs MasterStudy Lms

MasterStudy and Learnpress both are good lms plugins for wordpress. But after comparing all important factors MasterStudy LMS proved itself better in every term.

All the add-ons come built in, good user interface, Community for students to chat with teachers, and most important you need to just pay one time to access all add-ons (features) for lifetime.c

Because MasterStudy lifetime deal available with $69/one-time payment.

So If you want to start a LMS website for online courses, MasterStudy lms is the best wordpress LMS plugin you can use.

Make sure to save 10% extra using a new Appsumo account.

So, that’s all about Learnpress vs MasterStudy Lms. Hope you got all the information and it’s your time to use this tool and tell me what you liked most about it in comments.

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