(Honest) RabbitLoader Review 2022 – Why it’s Best WpRocket Alternative & Cache Plugin

RabbitLoader Review: In this article, we are going to review RabbitLoader WordPress Cache Plugin (best WP Rocket alternative) which is used to get better website loading time and google pagespeed.

I will also share my experience and SaasGuru pagespeed test & GTmetrix performace test after using Rabbitloader. How I made my website 4X faster and achieved 96 out 100 google pagespeed test.

Do you know pagespeed is now a important indexing factor in google, means if your website’s pagespeed performance are not good. Your posts, articles and pages will not index higher on google. Resulting visitors/traffic loss!

Because Google focuses more on user behavior compared to anything else. So websites must have good pagespeed to satisfy google.

To test and check pagespeed, Google has a free tool- PageSpeed insights.

It shows website’s Mobile and Desktop pagespeed performance and gives a score out of 100 (the higher the score near to 100, the website have good pagespeed performance).

And if there are issues which causing poor pagespeed, this tool also show them and let you know where you have to improve to get good pagespeed.

On this tool, you can check your website pagespeed for free and if you have more that 80+ score means you are good and need very less or zero improvements. And believe me this is not a easy process.

That’s why there are many cache plugins available to make the work easy for you such as W3 total cache, WP rocket etc.

But here also you have to setup the plugin and it’s again a complicated process and sometimes this can even make your website performance more worse.

But what if there’s a tool that don’t require such complicated setup and in just 1 click you can make your website fast with better Google Pagespeed insights. Then let me introduct RabbitLoader Cache Tool.

What is RabbitLoader?

RabbitLoader is a India based cache management tool for websites to makes them fast, which is serving in all around the world.

RabbitLoader Review 2022 - Why it's Best WpRocket Alternative & Cache Plugin

It minify and remove used HTML, CSS and Java scripts files from website without breaking or impating the site’s design so that website can load fast. This resulting in good pagespeed performace.

Currently, Rabbit Loader Plugin only availble for wordpress sites.

How Does RabbitLoader Work?

Rabbit loader scans the website and autominify all the heavy loading files such as HTML, JS, CSS and reduce image sizes to load the website fast.

RabbitLoader Review 2022 - Why it's Best WpRocket Alternative & Cache Plugin

There’s also CDN included in this tool, which has more than 300 points worldwide, which create a cache website version and saves it in their cloud. So whenever a visitor open your site, a faster cached version loads from CDN cloud.

This gives website more faster loading speed.

Plus, there are tons of other website optimization features also available such as,

  • Webp Images – Covert Images into more faster loading format for browsers.
  • Brotli Compression – Compress files sent over network.
  • Lazy loading – Defer load9ing of images/videos.
  • LQIP – Show blurred placeholder for images.
  • Prefetching and Preloading – Preloading the site on browser to give faster experience to visitor.
  • Page Rules – Control over pages which you want to cache or not.
  • Http/2 – Full request and response multiplexing.

These all combines and works for every type of website to make their loading speed optimized for all countries, browsers, devices, and bandwidth.

How to Install & Use RabbitLoader – Make your Webiste Fast

Compared to other Cache Plugins such as W3 total cache, Wp rocket, Litespeed cache etc. Installing and usage of Rabbitloader is very easy. Everything is done automatically without requiring any setup.

You don’t have to configure the plugin to use the rabbitloader.

All you have to search the rabbitloader plugin in your wordpress site dashboard and install it.

Rabbit Loader Review 2022 - Make Website Fast & Get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed

After that it will ask you to connect the plugin with rabbit loader website using or creating new account.

Then add your website on which you have installed the raabbit laoder plugin.

That’s all installation done and now rabbitloader automatically scan the website do it’s optimization and loads it on their CDN.

Please Note: This process can take time upto few hours, that’s why I suggest you to wait for 24 hours to fully optimized your site and do rabbitloader it’s magic.

After 24 hours, you can see plugin optimization is done. On rabbit loader plugin dashboard it show pagespeed for every optimized URLs, Images, CDN and more.

Rabbit Loader Review - best wordpress cache plugin

In the URL performace tab, You can even see pagespeed for your website every page for Mobile and Desktop version.

And, Now you can check or test your website’s Pagespeed again, I gurtantee it will a lot improved compared to before using this plugin.

RabbitLoader ReviewMy Experience after Using this Cache Plugin!

Previously I was using WP rockect and doing all maunal configuration for the pluging still my website pagespeed around 53 for mobile and 76 for desktop.

Despite the fact, I am using CDN offered by Hostinger Hosting.

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It’s not that I don’t know how to configure Wp rocket plugin, but beacuse my wp site using many plugins and custom scirpts. This all impact my site speed even after I was using Wp rocket plugin.

Then I get to know about RabbitLoader and tested out on my site “Saasguru” on which you are reading this RabbitLoader review.

And here’s the results,

Google Pagespeed Test

Rabbit Loader Review 2022 - Make Website Fast & Get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed
for Mobile
Rabbit Loader Review 2022 - Make Website Fast & Get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed
for Desktop

GTmetrix Performance Test

Rabbit Loader Review 2022 - Make Website Fast & Get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed
Gtmetrix performance after using Rabbitloader

Previously it was C with 67%, but now rabbitloader also improved my overall website speed performce upto 90%.

If you don’t believe these images, you can also test my site on pagespeed and gtmetrix platforms.

RabbitLoader Pricing – Is there any Lifetime Deal?

Here’s the sweetest part, currently RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal is available on appsumo with one-time payment starting at $59 for 5 sites.

(Honest) RabbitLoader Review 2022 - Why it's Best WpRocket Alternative & Cache Plugin
rabbitloader Lifetime Deal pricing

◼️ Lifetime Plans Available

Tire 1 Plan – $59

  • 100 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • 5 websites
  • 25 page rules
  • Unlimited page views

Tire 2 Plan – $109

  • 250 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited page rules
  • Unlimited page views

Tire 2 Plan – $189

  • 500 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited page rules
  • Unlimited page views

◼️ RabbitLoader Refund Policy

Rabbitloader comes with 60 days money-back guarantee and refund policy, which means if somehow after buying the plugin subscription you are not happy with the results, just return it within 60 days period and you will get a full refund.

So what are you waiting for!

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RabbitLoader Pros and Cons


  • Make your website fast and improve pagespeed upto 100
  • Improve Google rankings
  • Best Wp Rocket alternave cache plugin
  • Most easy to use and understand U.i
  • No manual settings or configuration required, everything done automically
  • Just install and activate the plugin
  • Built in CDN with 300+ points to load your website faster from anywhere in the world.
  • Email and Phone support availabe


  • No live chat support
  • All plans for only 1 website

Final Verdict – RabbitLoader Review 2022

Rabbitloader is really #1 wordpress cache plugin, breaking all barriers until users are facing while using other cache plugins and giving fast website load performance and pagespeed.

I mean you only have to just install the plugin that’s all, now it will do every automatically- minify big size files, resizing images and turning them in webp more browser suited & fast loading image format, offering 300+ CDN points to load your website faster anywhere from world.

And believe me it performance is top-notch, I replaced WP Rocket (which was previously meant to be #1 WordPress plugin) with Rabbitloader.

So if you also want to make your website fast and improve google page speed insights then there is no better tool than the Rabbit Loader WordPress plugin.

FAQ – Most Asked Question About RabbitLoader WordPress Plugin

  • What is RabbitLoader?

    Rabbitlaoder is the #1 wordpress cache plugin, which makes your wordpress website load faster and helps to achieve upto 100/100 google pagespeed.

  • Is Pagespeed is a important ranking factor?

    Yes, it is conformed by google that pagespeed is imprtant ranking factor for higher rankings on google.

    👉 Analyze your Webiste Pagespeed for FREE with Rabbit Loader

  • Do we need any technical knowledge to use rabbitloader?

    No, all you have to install the plugin and it will do everything automatically.

  • Is there any Rabbitloader lifetime deal?

    Yes, rabbitloader lifetime deal available on appsumo.
    👉 Get RabbitLoader Lifetime Deal

  • Can we use rabbit loader for E-commerce sites?

    Yes, until your website hosted wordpess CMS you can use rabbitloader cache plugin for any type of website, even if it is a ecom website.

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