Scalenut vs Jarvis | Is this Scalenut Alternative Best A.I Tool

Scalenut vs Jarvis | Is this Scalenut Alternative Best A.I Tool
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Scalenut vs Jarvis: In this post, we are going to review and compare the industry’s 2 best A.I writing tools- Jarvis vs Scalenut. And will find out which one is really the best A.I tool for content generation and suggestion.

Both and Scalenut are GPT-3 A.I based content writing and generation tools, which generate content on short as well as long form formats for making content writing easy task.

But which one you should choose?, don’t worry this post will help you to find out.

So, lets start with comapring both A.I tools specs & feaures side by side!

Side by Side Comparison Chart:

Scalenut vs Jarvis

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  • User Rating
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  • Copywriting
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  • Integration Available

Video Comparison:

Scalenut vs Jarvis

What’s the Difference & Who Wins

Scalenut vs Jarvis

A.I Generated Content Quality

First thing first, generated content quality of these tools!

If you watched the above Scalenut vs Jarvis comparison video to the end, then it’s quite clear that scalenut is best in terms of A.I’s content quality and generate better results.

It’s long form editior is euipped with toolbar and generated content is useful and relevant to the topic.

Scalenut vs Jarvis

While on the other hand, Jarvis is good generation short term content but when it comes to long term content, it’s really disappointing and sometime shows irrelevant content. Plus, there’s noediting toolbar like we have in scalenut.

Winner: Scalenut


Jarvis comes with montly plans which starts from 29$/month, where’s users get credits and it spends everytime when results are generated, no matter wheter it’s useful and relevant to topic or not.

And personally I feel it’s little bit expensive when compared to it’s competitors like scalenut. From which you can get lifetime access with onetime payment.

As for Scalenut, it comes under 49$ lifetime deal in which users get to access to all of it’s tools.

Winner: Scalenut


Final Verdict

Both tools are good but currently now, I feeled Scalenut is far better than Jarvis in both terms Content quality and pricing.

I mean why paying every month when you get lifetime access with one time payment, spending fes bucks extra.

Scalenut vs Jarvis | Is this Scalenut Alternative Best A.I Tool
49$/One time payment No monthly subscriptions
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