Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo | Which one Best Scalify Alternative for Ads Automation?

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo which one best scalify alternaive
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Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo: In this post, we are going to compare Scalify alternatives with each other to find out which one really is the best A.i ad management and automation tool for social (Facebook/Instagram) and search ads (google).

Creating new ad sets, finding high converting audiences, split testing ads, keeping an eye on the performance of each ad, and killing ads that were wasting budgets can be hard, time-consuming and complicated.

It takes a lot of testing to just find a winning ad that gives high ROI.

But all these 3 ads automation tools use A.I to make the whole online ads process a lot easier that even a non-techie person or beginner can run profitable ads.

But between Scalify, Adyouneed and Adtuo, which one is best and which one you should choose?

Because each one has different features, their pros and cons!, don’t worry this post will help you to find out.

So, let’s start with comparing their specs & features side by side!

Side by Side Comparison Chart:

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo

  • Overview
  • Description
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  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Saas, web based
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  • eCommerce Integration
  • Ad Tool FEATURES
  • Ads Platform Integration
  • Multiple websites/stores
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple Ad accounts
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Ads Design Integration
  • Split Testing
  • AI Audience Finder
  • Asset Organization
  • Audience Builder
  • Automatic Optimizations
  • Automatic UTM Tagging
  • Automation Builder
  • Bulk Audience Creation
  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Catalog Ads
  • COGS Calculation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Google Analytics
  • One-click Campaign Setup
  • Pre-Built Audience Templates
  • Pre-built Optimization Strategies
  • Pre-made Lookalike Audience
  • Product-based Ad campaigns
  • Product Based Reports
  • Profit Calculation
  • Scaling Strategies
  • Client share preview

Video Comparison:

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo

What’s the Difference & Who Wins

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo

Now let’s review, in which areas they are different from each other and which one is best!

User Interface & Easy to Use

While comparing all 3 tools, Adyouneed’s UI and UX really annoying.

Here’s why, when it comes to UI and UX like colour contrast ratio is not eye-friendly. They have another UX setting that is a dark mode that also feels eye-popping and developers need to consider toning down their blue colour and reconsider their brand colouring in the dark mode.

On the other side, I’m really impressed with Scalify and Adtou’s user interface, they are easy to use, color branding contrast eye-friendly. Their dashboard and analytics are also easy to understand.

For both tools, the main menu and modules navigate on the lift side. From where you easily access every feature in one click.

Winner: Scalify and Adtuo

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Campaign Setup & Modules

For campaign set up, ad objectives and ad type modules, I personally liked Scalify. It has four campaign modules Targeting, Retargeting, Retention and Scaling to easy start with.

It’s UI simplifies the whole ad campaign launching process easier in few steps, plus their one-click campaign launch feature is amazing.

Furthermore, While adding targeting it automatically adds the different ad sets for split testing based on interests, gender, demographics etc.

There are also custom audiences along with prebuilt library and prebuilt lookalike audience setups to easily start.

And for E-commerce websites/stores, this tool has product-based catalog ads along with dynamic e-com retargeting ad features (used by big e-com websites like Amazon and eBay).

Using dynamic retargeting you can retarget your prospects with an automatically generated ad to remind them of a product they have shown interest.

For example, if someone goes to your store and visits a product and then they go to Facebook. There they will see an ad that reminds them of the product.

But Adyouneed or Adtuo doesn’t have such campaign features like one-click setup, automatic split testing, dynamic e-com targeting and different ad modules.

In both these tools either you have to import an existing campaign from Facebook ads or create a new on from scratch.

Although Adyouneed offers product-based catalog ads but on that scale that scalify have.

Winner: Scalify, without a doubt!

A.i & Autmation

Adtuo’s A.i is very limited only to copy generation and campaign optimization recommendations. And there’s no automation at all. So for a.i and automation Adtuo is a bad choice.

And while Adyouneed has very good A.I, which generates copy, give optimization recommendations, helps in campaign setup and audience found. Especially there A.i audience finder feature is life-saving.

But as for automation, this tool is also not good at all for ad campaigns.

Unlike Adtuo & Adyouneed, Scalify’s A.I is much better. It can do all the things that other 2 tools doing and many other amazing a.i things.

Plus it’s automation is another level, which not only automatically Split ad sets or automatically put UTM tagging on ads, but also has various pre-built automation libraries for running ads on different strategies such ad- CAC based, ROAS based.

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo which one best scalify alternaive
Scalify lifeime deal
Scalify automation builder- pre-built library

With these automation strategies that are proven ready to activate and that audit your ad campaigns at a frequency as low as 15 minutes making sure all conditions are met,

  • before scaling winning ads by increasing their budget.
  • Decreasing the budget for underperforming ads to prevent budget loss
  • pausing ads that are spending money with no results
  • and restart post ads that have late conversions

For winning ads, scalify will slowly increase your daily budget once per day and will stop increasing once it reaches this maximum daily budget.

Not only that the scalify’s has a pre-built automation library but it’s automation builder also allows users to create their own automation strategies, even the ones with complicated scenarios in a clean and easy to use interface.

Winner: Scalify


Few ad platform integrations that are common in all 3 tools are,

Scalify- Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads (coming soon)

Adyouneed- Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads, Bing ads (coming soon), Linkedin & Tiktok ads (coming soon).

Adtuo- Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads (coming soon) and image editor with 3m free images

As for Ads channels, Adyouneed is truly a multi-channel ad management tool, that let users manage all major platform ads from a single dashboard.

Plus it has online ad image design integration with Canva and Crello. But there are also few cons which should know about like there’s no integration with any E-com platforms and analytic tools.

But Scalify has much better insightful integrations with major e-com plaforms- Shopify, WooCommerce, for analytics it has Google Analytics, Wix and many more. But there doesn’t design or image tool integration.

Winner: Scalify for much better integrations, and Adyouneed for multichannel ads.

Analytics & Reporting

Because Scalify has good analytics integrations and 3in1 data aggregation, it’s analytic dashboard gives its user a birth eye view of all performance in one place, while also calculating the cost of goods sold and estimated profit (believe me, it really helpful).

You can also create your own layouts that are tailored to your specific use case in order to keep a close eye on what’s happening in your business.

It also shows reports on Product based or Product based ad campaigns, giving a clue which product generating high results.

Although scalify has amazing analytics and reports, but it has one major disadvantage too, users cannot share these reports with their clients. Because there’s no PDF export/buildup or sharable link feature.

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo which one best scalify alternaive
Scalify lifeime deal
Scalify analytics dashboard

Whil Adtuo & Adyouneed analytic dashboard also provides data but only related to campaigns running.

But there is no profit calculated or cost of goods sold section as we have in scalify. Basically, it shows data from the campaigns., nothing else. And based on that data it’s A.i offer optimation recommendations.

And both tools also allow users to share reports with clients in PDF and link share.

Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo which one best scalify alternaive
Adyouneed analytics dashboard

Pricing & Plans

Scalify is a better tool and the amazing thing I liked about this tool is it’s price affordability.

Despite those life-saving A.i and Automation features, this tool has such low pricing and here’s the big surprise!

Scalify currently coming under Lifetime Deal with the lowest price* of $59.

Yes, for a $59 one time payment, you can get this amazing tool for lifetime with 60 days money-back guarantee.

For any reason you didn’t like this within 60 days usage, then your money will be returned.

Adyouneed and Adtuo also selling under lifetime deals with $69 and $99 base prices.

Conclusion: Winner

Compare to it’s competitors, Scalify has is much better. It’s A.i and Automation are mind-blowing.

The user interface is so simple that anyone can easily navigate, plus for every module and tool, there are tutorials on the right corner for helping to understand how they work.

Scalify team really made a platform for Social and Search ads that even a beginner can run profitable Ads.

Plus, their automation pre-built library for Ads is a life-saving feature, which works only a scenario met, allows automatically scaling for winning ads, stops ads that are not working. So you can invest only in winning and profit-generating ads.

There’s so much amazing features in this tool that some of them even missed in this long review.

And all these Scalify features, you can get for lifetime only by paying the lowest $59 (one-time payment).

So if you are thinking about purchasing Scalify, Hurry because soon this lifetime deal will be gone or prices will be increased.

Most asked questions about Scalify?

What is Scalify?

Scalify is built to cut down the effort and time it takes to launch, manage and your Facebook and Instagram ads while making the process a whole lot easier helping you get consistent results and scale your return on investment with paid ads while focusing on what matters most to your business.

Is Scalify Work with woocommerce?

Yes, it integrates with all major e-com platforms including Woocommerce and Shopify.

Which one is best between Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo?

Scalify is a much better Ads management tool compared to any competitor.

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Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo | Which one Best Scalify Alternative for Ads Automation?
Scalify vs Adyouneed vs Adtuo | Which one Best Scalify Alternative for Ads Automation?
59$/One time payment - Lifetime Deal No monthly subscriptions
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