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Screpy Review & Lifetime Deal

Screpy is an a.i SEO analysis tool, designed to help webmasters drive traffic to their site by optimizing their content.

Once you add keywords into the search box, Screpy begins scanning for relevant results using artificial intelligence based on those keywords. You can then choose to rank any of these results higher than others, making them easier for visitors to discover.

It’s an excellent option for website optimization. You’ll get everything you need to improve your site performance including PageSpeed ​​Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, SEO Monitoring, Keyword Tracker, Syntax Checker and more!

Screpy also helps you measure and improve keyword performance over time.

Highlights (TL;DR):

AI-powered all-in-one SEO platform that allows you to grow your traffic & SEO rankings.

Keyword tracking, PageSpeed monitoring, website uptime monitoring, ranking checker, AI-SEO recommendations and much more

Alternative to: Ahrefs & Moz

Best for: Content Writers, Bloggers, Freelancers, SEO experts, and SEO Agencies.

Overview & Features

Site Audit

Just enter your site URL and click on “start”, Screpy automatically scans the site for potential issues and helps in resolving those SEO errors and site h health score out of 100, so you can improve rankings.

Screpy Review & Lifetime Deal


Finally, it generates a list of actionable technical SEO & Content Marketing recommendations based on this SEO data.

Monitor Website Performace

Screpy helps you achieve page speed by creating simple, useful tasks for each speed problem on your site. You’ll get a single score for each task, showing how well you’re doing. Screpy integrates with Lighthouse, making it easy to see exactly where your problems are.

Basically, you can monitor and improve page speed using it.

Plus it also observes Website Uptime, Screpy will send you an email when your website goes down or is slow. You can also check your performance history at any time.

Keywords SERP Tracking & Analysis

See how your rankings change over time, as well as what other pages are ranking for the same terms with SERP tracking.

Just add the keywords you want ranked for, and Screpys automatically keeps track of your rankings and the rankings of the top 100 search engine results.

Screpy Review & Lifetime Deal

The best thing about Screpy is that it provides actionable tips to get those rankings without having to spend hours researching and analyzing them yourself. Screpy pulls up the top 100 results for you and shows you exactly how to improve your results!


Screpy Lifetime Deal: Includes

  • Lifetime access to Screpy Pro+ Plan
  • All-in-one AI-based SEO tool
  • 25 websites
  • 10,000 monthly analyzed pages
  • 5000 monthly analyzed keywords
  • 10 teams & 25 team members
  • Google Keyword Rank Checker (SERP)
  • SEO Audit & Reports
  • Easy to understand SEO optimization tasks
  • PageSpeed analysis
  • W3C Validator
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile analysis
  • On-demand analysis
  • Export data
  • Support included
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Normally you would pay $624/year for Lifetime Access, but for a limited period of time, you can get Lifetime Access for just $55!

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Specification: Screpy

Saas, web based


24/7 Live Support

Email/Help Desk


Online Chat

Phone Support

All in 1 SEO Tool Features
SEO Audit/Reporting


SERP Tracking


Keyword Research


Best Alternative to

Ahrefs, Moz, Labrika

SEO Tool Features
Ranking Predictor

Topic Ideas Generation

IF/IDF Score

Content Scoring

Content Editor

LSI Keywords


Keyword Suggestions


Google Docs Integration

Multi-Language Support

English only, ❌

Free Trial


Free Version


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