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Add to compare Review & Lifetime Deal review: In this post we are going to review Wordplay a.i content writing tool and talk about it’s features, using benefits, lifetime deal and why it’s better compared to other a.i writers.

What is

There are many ways to create a post or article. You can use your time to write by yourself. Or you can hire someone to do it for you. But this is very difficult and expensive.

But what if there’s a tool that can generate an entire long-form article/post in matter of few minutes using it’s A.i.

Then let me introduce, – Long form A.i content writer

Wordplay A.I writing tool allows you to create full-length 1,500+ word articles from a single keyword in just 1 click, no complicated process, no text selecting and no multiple clicks. All it takes your topic keyword and 1 click.

Plus, wordplay also lets you add subheadings for more control over the content relevancy that you want from A.i while generating the article. And this thing is only available in Wordplay.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create full-length 1,500+ word articles from a single keyword in just 1 click.

Alternative to: Rytr,

Add subheading to more control over A.i.

Best for: Content Writers, Bloggers, Freelancers, SEO experts, and Copywriters.

WordPlay Features: Overview

▪️ U.i & Ease of Use 

This platform U.i has a pretty much clear interface, with all the features and options available in the left side menu.

Dashboard starts with “My projects“, where you can see all of your generated content with words length and time at content generated.

wordplay review

Wordplay U.i & dashboard

And as for the A.i Writer, Wordplay has the simplest yet most effective A.i writer that I’ve ever used.

To start generating the content users can click either on “Create Content” menu option, or green button available on upper right side.

Other many features show the insights as their name suggests, such as,

  • My Usage – It shows the words credit remaining for your account with credit used
  • Add Ons – From here you can download the WordPress plugin to integrate your WordPress, so that generated content can be directly imported into the WP site.
  • Billing – This section shows your account details.

Now let’s talk about it’s A.i writer.

▪️ A.i Writer – Create Long-Form Blog Posts or Articles in 1 Click

After you click on the ‘Create Content’ button, Here you can see options to start generating the content.

  1. Create New Article
  2. Bulk Creation Mode
  3. A.i Mode 

#1. Create New Article

It asks for the Keyword/Topic title which around you want A.i to generate the content.

Where other a.i writers also ask for keyword/topic little information, Wordplay only needs a single keyword or topic.

And for more control over the content and it’s quality, also asks for subheadings that you want A.i to write about. With the word length increase, users can add more subheadings. review

Based on the word length, A.i take 5-15 minutes to generate the content.

#2. Bulk Creation Mode

With this a.i section, you can generate content in bulk. And to do that it asks to import a CSV file with Topic titles.

 #3. A.i Mode

This is the new mode that wordplay developers just added, and it’s basically a much more easier to use mode. Where A.i asks for to select the word count wheater it’s short-form content of 500 words, medium 750 words or a long-form content of 1500 words.

Once you selected the content type based on word length, then it asks for the Topic title and project details.

wordplay lifetime deal

Whether you choose, any of these modes, wordplay generates a good quality content.

Here’s an example,

wordplay long form a.i writer

▪️ Quality of A.i Generated Content 

Wordplay solely focuses on generating quality content.

After trying few times, I’m really amazed by the quality of this tool, every time it’s a.i generate relevant content related to my topic keyword and subheadings.

watch this video to know more quality of generates content.

▪️ Import Generated Content Using WordPress Plugin

Wordplay also offers a built-in plugin for WordPress sites. All you have to download the plugin in your WP site and authenticate with your login credentials.

After that, you can directly import the Wordplay generated content into your WordPress site.

Benefits of using Wordplay

  • Generate high-quality long-form articles in 1 click (first and only long from a.i writer)
  • Most simple user interface
  • Add subheadings that you want A.i to cover in the article (not available in any other a.i writer)
  • Export content in any format Text or Html
  • WordPress plugin to import generated articles directly on your website

Wordplay Lifetime Deal: Includes

  • Lifetime access to Wordplay
  • All future Plan updates
  • Long-form a.i writer
  • Generate 1,500+ word articles from one keyword
  • Optionally add subheadings for more control
  • Import your AI content directly into WordPress with the Wordplay Plugin

And there is also 60-day money-back guarantee for every plan, which means if somehow you are not happy with Wordplay (which is not going to happen), you can return it under 60 days of purchase and full money will be back without asking any question.

So why are you hesitating!

👉 Try risk-Free!

Needs Attention: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to a lifetime deal offer. So take it now if you need it or don’t want to miss it.

Wordplay: Video review (Watch me generate a full-length article in 1 click)

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24/7 Live Support

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Best Alternative to

Jarvis, Scalenut

Content Generation


Grammar Check


Idea Recommendation

Plagiarism Check

No inbuilt Plagirism checker, ❌

Sentence Formatting


Free Version

Suitable for

Startups, Enterprises, Marketing Agencies, Bloggers, Content Writers, Copywriters, SEO experts, Social Media influencers


A.I/Machine Learning



✔️, Export available

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Expert Score 9.1
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Value for money
  • Wordplay is the most simple A.i writer I've ever used
  • It is the first and only long-form a.i writer
  • Users can also add subheadings to have more control over A.i
  • Bulk creation mode available
  • Wordpress plugin to import content directly on your website
  • No inbuilt plagiarism checker, hope we see that in future
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