WriteCream review- Is It Best Al Content Writing Tool for Emails, Ads & Posts!

Writecream can generate blog posts, Facebook & Google ad copies, Landing Page Content, Product Descriptions, and even your next Angel Pitch email for angel funding! There are 30+ tools to choose from for an effective cold outreach & marketing campaign!

WriteCream review: After spending tons of hours, your copy/content or ads didn’t engaging readers then WriteCream A.I content writing tool is best for you.

We all know, creating engaging content is how much difficult and time-consuming and sometimes it’s like money consuming too! when ads copy can’t able to bring leads or sales.

That’s why! some people lose hope and never try again.

But after knowing about write cream, you will never feel that way again, in fact after using this tool content writing will be child’s play to you.

Because all you have to, choose the type of content → enter few details and → click on the “generate” button.

And the A.I will write to you!

But don’t think, it will replace the content writers, it cannot,

Rather that it will increase their output 2x or 3x and help them create better content.

So hey, I’m Basant here, the founder of Saas-guru.net where you can read reviews and comparisons of best Saas deals.

And today in this post, I am reviewing WriteCream (A.l powered content writing tool).

Highlights (TL;DR):

You don’t have to spend money on hiring expensive copywriters and freelancers to write copy for you. Writecream can help you in writing a high-converting copy that is,
1️⃣ Grammatically Perfect
2️⃣ Well Structured
3️⃣ Lexicomane (Google!)
4️⃣ 100% Original

Users can create Voiceovers & Podcasts in human-sounding voice-overs for YouTube videos and podcasts in 40+ voices.
This also supports multi-language.

Multi-lingual support- writecream is not bounded by the language barrier and can generate a.i results from scratch in 75+ languages.

Personalized email/linkedin/image icebreaker- the icebreakers generate 2x faster now, Make cold emails even more compelling with hyper-personalized, AI-generated images that are made especially for your prospect.

All this comer under, Life-Time Deal (1 time payment).

What I liked & didn’t like about WriteCream?

Pros & Cons


  • Writecream has an easy-to-use UI/UX, with more than 30 copy+content+outreach caterized tools
  • Multi-language voice covers recording
  • WriteCream is highly focused on personalised content, just enter url of site/linkedin and it generates many good outreach contents.
  • Support team are very fast
  • Very effective results for backlinks outreach


  • Everything is OK with this app, haven’t found any issues. Developers improving every problem they are founding.

What is WriteCream

About Writecream

Write cream is an A.I powered content writing tool (consisting 40+ tools) for copywriting needs such as – ads, product descriptions/reviews, blogs, and social media content.

Plus, users can also use it for their outbound marketing campaign & outreach like cold emails, LinkedIn InMails, backlinks, etc.

Writecream Review

Things you can do with WriteCream

WriteCream A.I: Content Types & Features

With the help of write cream, users can create 30 different types of content, and the best part all content types are divided into 4 section tabs, so you easily access what you are looking for-

  1. Email
  2. Copywriting
  3. Social Medial
  4. & SEO

which are basically making users to select the content type that they wanna create with A.I.

Let’s explore write cream all features and content types.

1. Content-Type
There are 6 types of content under the Email section which are,

Writecream Pricing, Alternatives & More 2021 - Capterra
  • Email Personalization- With this, users can create personalised Outreaching emails in one click and more amazing things here, there’s also a URL section where users can enter the URL of website (for which they want personalized email). Which makes it super amazing as it will generate results based on that website content.
  • Linkedin Personalization- Like email personalizations, this tool also do the expect here you have to enter the LinkedIn profile link of that user, for you wanna create a personalised message.Basically, what it does, A.I scan the profile via URL that you entered while generating results and based on the content it scanned, results are generated.
  • Image Icebreaker- We all know a picture says thousand words, and sometimes finding the right image can be really difficult. But not with this tool. Just enter the website Url and after scanning A.I will show you the right image that you use without spending any time on searching.
  • Pitch an Angel- This tool is especially for entrepreneurs or those who are looking for Seed funding for their innovation/software/business. Just enter the Product or Brand name, type a few words what that product do and click on generate.Boom! A.I will generate an engaging message that you can send Angel investors.
  • Backlink Personalization- As an SEO expert, backlinks creation is very important for any blogger and on top of that sending personalised intro to other websites owners (from where backlinks are needed) is curial otherwise everything will be wasted. I personally spend a lot of time on this but this tool creates that hours, spending works in few minutes. That’s crazy, isn’t it!
  • Audio Icebreaker- Being from few years in the online industry, I have never seen anything like this. Where A.I not create the message but also transform it into human-like vocal audio. And on top of that, it is not bounded by 1 language or Voice type. For example, users can choose any language like Japanese and then select voice type wheater it’s the male or female voice.And users can do it just by entering the URL of the website.
2. Content type
Writecream Review: The Most Unique AI Copywriting Tool In 2022

For copywriting WriteCream A.i has 11 tools, with those you can create engaging and attention-grabbing headlines for your website or product. Just enter the Website/Brand name and few words for, what it is about.

You will be amazed that Writecream a.i can also create descriptions for products. Now E-com has never been so easy before this tool.

Here are the more things that it can generate,
  • Website Headline/Copy
  • Brand/Product Descriptions
  • E-commerce Products Description-
  • Before After Bridge Copywriting
  • Pain Agitate Solution Copywriting
  • Valur Proposition
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Website Subheadline
  • Compelling Bullet Points
  • Product Review Generator
  • Voiceovers– You will be amazed after knowing that write cream also let it’s to generate voice covers in different languages and vocals in both men’s & women’s tones. And all happen via entering few details.
3. Content type
Social Media
Creating engaging social media content/Ads and captions is now easy-peasy with Writecream, All you have to do enter few and click on generate button, Boom attention-grabbing Ads and captions are ready to use. Believe writing cream a.i is a lifesaver when it’s about social media context.

Here’s what Writecream offer for your Social Media game,
  • Social Medial Post Captions
  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Engaging Social Posts
  • Youtube Video Topic Ideas
3. Content type
With this section, let the A.I generate the best SEO optimized content for you, here are the all content types you can generate.
  • Blog Ideas- From here, you can get tons of high search blog ideas, on which you can start writing blog posts.
  • Google Ad Copy- This will write engaging Ad copies for your google campaign, just enter the product/brand name and few details about what it is about and done!
  • SEO Meta Description- Increase posts CTR on search engines via A.i generated attention-grabbing meta descriptions.
  • Blog Conclusion- Give posts a better and sweet ending.
  • Blog Outline-Create SEO optimized outlines for your posts.
  • Blog Intro- Start your post with interesting and read encouraging intros.
  • Blog Headline Expander- Create paragraph just from a line.
  • Long-Form Editor- Although it’s in beta mode!, but still with help of this you can create long-form of SEO optimized content for your posts.
  • Quora Answer Assist- Quora is a great way to get referral traffic to your blog and establish authority but it’s also true that it’s very time-consuming as we have answer quality and helpful content every time. But this one tool is very powerful when it comes to quora. It almost makes your work 80% easier and quicker and enter question and few keywords about that and boom it will generate the results that you can answer.

How WriteCream compare to other A.I tools

Comparisons: WriteCream vs Others

There are many Writecream alternatives available with A.i GPT-3 commands and in this section, we are going to compare them with WriteCream. So we can where it stands against them.

Writecream vs Scalenut
comparison chart

  • Overview
  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Saas, web based
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Email/Help Desk
  • Online Chat
  • By
  • Contact
  • Best Alternative to
  • Content Generation
  • Grammar Check
  • Idea Recommendation
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Sentence Formatting
  • Tone Check
  • PLAN
  • Free Version
  • Free Trial
  • Suitable for
  • Outreaching
  • Copywriting
  • A.I/Machine Learning
  • Scheduling
  • Import/Export
  • Others

More Popular Comparisons


WriteCream: Pricing & Plans

If we check writecream’s pricing from it’s official website, it has 3 plans and lowest start from 49$/month.

Which gives access to all tools and 250credits every month. where every task spends 1 credit.

Writecream price & plans

It has also a free plan with 20 credits and access to all tools!, which is quite good for checking out things.

But there’s also a lifetime deal.

Writecream Life-Time Deal

Currently in Appsumo, writecream also offering their lifetime deals, which is unbelievely affordable compared to their website’s standard plan.

WriteCream review- Is It Best Al Content Writing Tool for Emails, Ads & Posts!

In appsumo’s writecream lifetime plan, users get 200 credits every month with access to all tools.


Most asked questions about Writecream?

Does Writecream have any discounts or coupons?

no, but it comes with appsumo lifetime deal.

Will Google rank my content if it’s AI-generated?

Currently, there’s no way for Google to distinguish A.i content and most important until your content fulfiling the searcher’s intent it will rank.

What technology does Writecream use?

It uses OpenAI’s GPT 3 algorithm to train the algorithm to make it more suitable for copywriting

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